The Nanus
(Gladiolus Nanus)

The Nanus  and Colvillii ornamental species offer a lot of possibilities. This species, with it's beautifull colours, does not only give the garden an extra accent, it also makes an excellent cut flower from the garden or the greenhouse. The flower-period of the Nanus is from 1 June untill far into September and lasts for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. In the greenhouse, the flower-period will begin sooner. It will start at the end of April. The different species are available from 15 August to 1 May, both for the summer- and the springmarket.

The Nanus is part of the Gladiolus -family and is commonly known as "swordlillie". The name Gladiolus comes from the latin "gladius", meaning sword, hence also the name "gladiators" meaning "swordfighters".  There are approximately 140 species. The most widely known species in Europe are the Gladiolus Byzantinus and Communis, which bloom in June and sometimes Juli. A little later blooms the Nanus Colvillii and the Gladiolus Nanus. The word "Nanus" means "small", meaning that the Nanus is actually a small Gladiolus. It grows to be approximately 40 to 70 cm tall.  The flowers grow in loose spikes and usually have a diameter of up to 4 cm with narrow, sword-shaped leaves and flat corms.

Early blooming Gladiolusses can be planted in autumn, however, they are not completely safe from frost and covering them with leafs or turf may be necessary. The planting depth should be 8 cm and the plants should be 10 cenimeters apart. Another option is to store them in a cool environment and plant them in the early spring.


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