P&M Hermans.

The brothers Piet and Mart Hermans, who stated this website to promote the Nanus-species, own a flowerfarm in Voorhout (The Netherlands) where they grow many variations of Nanus. The company has a long history which forms the basis of their knowledge and experience concerning Nanus and Colvillii.

The company was started in januari 1965 when J.G. Hermans bought one basket of Nanusses. It was his sons Piet and Mart, who grew up among the flower-bulbs, who took over the business in 1981 and turned it into the flourishing company it is today.

Fast growth was the reason for the 1986 relocation of the company from 
De Vlashoven in Noordwijkerhout to a new and bigger building in Voorhout. In 1998, relocation was once again necessary and so they moved to the Oude Herenweg in Voorhout where the company is still located today. Here, the brothers have all the facilities needed to best store and preserve their products. They have achieved the MPS (milieuproject sierteelt)A-qualification.

Every year, their quality products, most of which come from their own 8 hectare nursery-garden, find their way to many customers, both via export and to hot-house nurseries. 

Contact Information:

Gebr. P&M Hermans

Oude Herenweg 16a
2215 RZ Voorhout
The Netherlands
Tel: (+31) 252 222 797
Fax: (+31) 252 232 826
Email: info@nanus-bulbs.com


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